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Welcome to 1960s London and the Dalton Freight Universe - a new cinematic world conceived by George Howson and Edward Rigg. At the centre of our Universe is William Dalton, a once talented Spitfire ace whose family business, Dalton Freight, has fallen on tough times. In response to the crisis, and given his RAF training and contacts, William has set up ‘The Garage’ - an underground operation of highly skilled getaway drivers. Their clients are London’s ruthless gangs, but they draw the line once the jobs are complete - their talent is in the driving alone.

YOUR MOVE tells the story of a betrayal within William's ranks, Tony (Thomas Coombes), a junior mechanic from The Garage is persuaded by Head Mechanic Mikey (Philip Jackson) to stay and finish a game of chess... Before long, and to Tony’s surprise, Patricia (Pearl Mackie) returns from her job, with a body in the boot... Patricia has her suspicions, can she trust Tony? Or is he guilty of having a part to play in this betrayal? Both are aware that The Garage owner, William (Edward Hogg), is expected back at any minute...


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