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Petroleum & Co. are creators of handsome automotive cinema. 

We work alongside specialist car dealers and private clients to showcase the world's most sensational motorcars via emotive cinematography. Be it for marketing purposes or personal use, captivating and engaging automotive cinema is our expertise. 


Shareable and charming plotted films for brokers and auction houses to illustrate the true character and value of a motorcar.

Short, affective and involving videos for dealerships and auction houses

to replace standard stationary images of their stock.

Associating luxury brands with classic cars via social media friendly video marketing. With a network of vehicles and drivers to hand we produce effective car related content with knowledge of the cars and how best to portray your brand synonmously with them.   

Rallies, collections and race days. Bespoke and truly personal films.


With a tip of the hat to the golden age of motoring, our hashtag encapsulates Petroleum & Co.'s ethos towards the cars, the films and the automotive lifestyle. #OnDaysLikeThese also entitles our our top tier cinematic promotional films.

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